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  • Tips to Help you Prepare for your First Session from an Orlando Therapist

    Taking that first step toward therapy is not easy and sometimes it takes months or even years to get to a place where you feel ready. You then find yourself looking up therapists in your area, you give them a call, and book your first appointment. You get anxious maybe even excited for that first session but then you sit back and think am I ready for this? We are here to help you through that process. We recommend that you consider the following tips on how to prepare before your first session:

    Tip 1: Know “Why” You’re Looking for Therapy

    This is a question we constantly ask our clients when we first meet you. What is it that brought you to therapy? The answer helps us create a helpful plan for how the sessions will go. Make a list of how you’re feeling, your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Whatever comes to your mind write it down so you don’t forget and you never know if it could be helpful. Keep in mind that you do not have to go into details with us during your first session if you don’t want to, but knowing the general reasons why you are seeking therapy will help you feel ready for the first session.

    Tip 2: Let a Loved One Know

    Talking to your partner, best friend, parent, or sibling can help you feel a bit better about your first appointment with us. Of course, it is completely optional but it can be helpful to have that support system put you more at ease about seeing a therapist for the first time.

    Tip 3: Have Notes Prepared

    Have a note or list of topics prepared you wish to cover in your first session. Approaching an intake session can feel overwhelming, but having your thoughts organized beforehand can help both you and your therapist stay centered on your goals. These goals are open to change throughout the course of your treatment.

    Tip 4: Prepare to be Transparent

    Be prepared to discuss some of your mental health backgrounds. Your therapist will inquire about the history of your symptoms to effectively address your current needs.

    Tip 5: Remember our Practice is Free of Judgement

    Remember that sessions are confidential and free of judgment. For some, it may be hard to feel they can fully trust their therapist at first – and that is okay. Establishing trust in your therapist can take time, but they are prepared to support you along the way.

    Tip 6: Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

    Never be afraid to ask your new therapist questions before, during, and after your initial session. For some, it may calm their nerves to have questions prepared, like “What can I expect from our first session? What will we cover in the sessions that follow? What are your treatment modalities? How will we achieve my treatment goals?” Therapists value opportunities to provide as much clarity as possible to their clients.

    Tip 7: You Can Ask for a Phone Consultation

    If you have concerns about whether or not a therapist will be a good fit, or are interested in asking them questions prior to your intake, you might consider having a phone consultation. While it is not required, hearing from a therapist directly before committing to treatment can help alleviate anticipatory anxiety. What matters most is that you feel comfortable with the therapist you are working with. Contact us today at 407-308-2747 for more information about our complimentary phone consultation.

    Are You Hesitant about your First Session?

    If you or any loved ones want to start therapy but are hesitant please contact us we would be happy to help.

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    by Silvana D’Antonio, LMSW, RCSWI &

    Lucia Alvarado, Administrative Assistant