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  • Counseling for Teens

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    Counseling for Teens

    Is your teen under a lot of stress? Are they exhibiting some of the common signs of depression in teens? Do they not seem as happy as they once were? Are they suffering from an eating disorder? Do you suspect they are using drugs or engaging in risky behaviors?

    Most of us remember our teenage years as a combination of great fun, burgeoning freedom, and a tremendous amount of stress. Our hormone levels are skyrocketing during this time. Which can make us feel emotionally out of control. We also feel a greater need to perform well academically and fit into social circles. All of this stress can take its toll on a teen’s mental health and overall well-being.

    Common Life Challenges We See in Counseling for Teens

    Teens can often face some serious life challenges that impact their mental health and well-being.

    • Loss – Loss can come in the form of the death of a loved one, including a pet, and it can also come in the form of parental separation or divorce. A sense of loss can occur when a family moves to a new location and the teen must go to a new school. They can also experience loss as a result of friendship/relationship conflict.
    • Stress – A little stress is normal in life and can even be motivating, but too much stress can cause burnout at any age. Many teens face tremendous amounts of stress to do well in school, pursue post-secondary education, and hold down a job. On top of trying to be accepted by society and their peers.
    • Violence – Teens that are bullied or mistreated at school or at home suffer, and often feel that they are alone. Unfortunately, many of these teens suffer in silence. If not addressed, the aftermath of violence can result in PTSD symptoms.
    • Changes in body/self-image – As teens transition from childhood to adulthood, they can struggle to feel comfortable in their skin as their bodies and minds undergo changes. This can feel especially challenging when combined with societal expectations from peers and social media. As a result, many teens experience added pressure to fit a certain mold.

    This is not an exhaustive list of reasons why a teenager may want to speak with an Orlando therapist for teens. If you think your teen could benefit from counseling for teens, please reach out to us.

    What types of therapy for teens are offered at The Mindful Practice?

    At The Mindful Practice, we offer individual counseling for teens. We understand the value that individual therapy can have in assisting teens with working through personal issues and establishing a strong foundation for adulthood. In these private, one-on-one sessions, our therapists will use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help the teen make connections between their thoughts and feelings. As well as understand how these things impact their behavior. Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming environment where teens can comfortably process their struggles and reach their highest potential. Which type of therapy will be best for the teen will be determined by a trained therapist for teens.

    If your teenager is struggling right now and could benefit from counseling for teens, we can help.

    Is Online Counseling for Teens a Good Option?

    Online counseling for teens, also known as virtual therapy or teletherapy, allows them to meet with their therapist through a secure video conferencing platform. There are many reasons parents consider online therapy for their teens as opposed to traditional in-person therapy. These reasons include but are not limited to:


    They are likely to be receptive to online counseling for teens as screen interactions are already incorporated into many aspects of their lives. Rather than meeting face-to-face in an office, online therapy from home or a secure personal space can feel more comfortable for some teens. Which can lead to more consistent attendance and improved results.


    Many teens and families experienced difficulties seeking care outside of their homes during the pandemic. In addition, busy family schedules and the coordination of transportation can become obstacles to teens receiving the care they need. With online therapy through our secure video conferencing platform, teens can carry out their sessions from a location of their choosing. Without having to travel long distances or spend time in traffic.


    Online therapy sessions are done using HIPAA-compliant software. Conversations between your teen and their therapist remain secure through encryption. We always recommend that your teen find a private place free from distractions for best results.

    If you have any questions about teletherapy and are curious if it could serve as a good fit for your teen, please reach out to us today.

    Is Your Teenager Ready to Start Counseling for Teens in Jacksonville or Orlando, FL?

    Between school, jobs, hormones, and other stressors being a teenager is hard. Connecting with a therapist for teens can help them process these challenges in a healthy way. The Mindful Practice is here to support you and your teenager. Whether that is in person at our Jacksonville or Winter Park, FL office or online from anywhere in Florida. In order to start your teenager in counseling for teens just follow these steps:

    1. Contact us for your free consultation at The Mindful Practice.
    2. Schedule their first appointment with a therapist for teens.
    3. Watch your teenagers’ mental health and well-being thrive.

    Other Services At The Mindful Practice in Winter Park and Jacksonville, FL

    We offer many different types of mental health services at our Jacksonville and Winter Park, FL-based counseling practice, and through online therapy in Florida. For individuals, we offer depression treatment, anxiety treatment, and trauma therapy. As well as post-bariatric surgery therapy, grief counseling, and life transitions therapy. Additionally, our caring therapists offer EMDR therapy and mindfulness-based therapy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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