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  • Post Bariatric Surgery Counseling

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    You’ve had bariatric surgery, and you’re starting to lose weight. But why aren’t you feeling better, healthier, more secure, or more confident? A bariatric therapist can help with bariatric surgery counseling.

    Defined as a disease by the American Medical Association, obesity is related to a number of things. Such as psychological, physical, genetic, metabolic, neurological, and hormonal impairments. Entangled in excessive weight gain there are many different aspects. That is to say, you must address the underlying causes and effects of living in a larger body. Especially for weight loss surgery to be successful in the long term. For individuals dealing with significant weight gain/loss, it is imperative they pay attention to the full range of associated physical and mental health issues.

    Research shows that approximately 70% to 80% of post-bariatric surgery patients succeed. In not only losing weight but also keeping it off for five years. However, everyday stress can affect this. Such as work, traffic, inflation, and the nightly news. As well as individual stressors like death, financial struggles, and family issues can make long-term weight loss difficult. At The Mindful Practice, we understand that many backslide to old habits of emotional eating as a means of coping.

    Issues Addressed in Bariatric Surgery Counseling

    Binge-eating Disorder

    Are you experiencing any of the following? Binge-eating disorder is defined as exhibiting at least three of the following symptoms:

    • Situations of eating more rapidly than normal.
    • Eating until uncomfortably full.
    • Having large amounts of food when not hungry.
    • Eating alone due to embarrassment by how much food is being consumed.
    • Feeling disgusted, depressed, or very guilty after consuming large amounts of food.

    Other Post Bariatric Surgery Struggles

    Binge eating aside, it is not uncommon for individuals to experience psychological struggles. Such as poor body image, lack of confidence, relationship difficulties, depression, and anxiety. This is especially true post-bariatric surgery. Left unexamined it can lead to an increased risk of transfer addition. Some patients turn to alcohol, for instance, instead of food as a way of coping. Compounding these struggles is the uninformed perception of family, friends, and co-workers that “You took the easy way out. Must be nice to do nothing and still lose weight.” Sometimes it is vocalized and other times it is imagined by the patient.  In addition, some people have difficulty with feelings of “I’m not invisible anymore.” Post-bariatric surgery disturbances and struggles are many and varied.

    Our Approach to Bariatric Surgery Counseling In Jacksonville and Orlando, FL

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a proven method to identify these disturbances and destructive behaviors. As a result, individuals achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. Bariatric surgery counseling before and/or after bariatric surgery is extremely beneficial. A bariatric therapist can help you learn and develop coping skills. As well as help uncover the root cause(s) of your emotional eating. Studies have shown that individuals who engage in post-bariatric surgery counseling maintain longer-term weight loss. Compared to those who choose to forego treatment. Finding a compassionate bariatric therapist is tantamount to success.

    Discuss Your Unique Challenges with A Bariatric Therapist

    Bariatric Surgery Counseling provides a safe, nonjudgmental space to discuss the ongoing changing relationship with food. As well as relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and the world in general. You can discuss post-bariatric surgery consequences and alterations with an empathetic bariatric therapist. Discussing things like loose skin can increase self-awareness and self-esteem. Additionally, it is an effective way to address psychological issues that arise during weight loss. Which may have contributed, or continue to contribute, to excessive weight gain.

    The Mindful Practice understands the unique challenges that may arise after bariatric surgery. Our bariatric therapists in Jacksonville and Winter Park, FL are well-equipped to guide patients. We have a passion to help them develop effective cognitive and emotional skills. Which will further enrich their lives. It would be an honor to be a part of your journey towards wellness. Contact The Mindful Practice to be connected with one of our caring Orlando and Jacksonville therapists. Start living the life you deserve. Free of the bondage of emotional eating and its debilitating consequences.

    Start Post Bariatric Surgery Counseling in Jacksonville and Orlando, FL

    The Mindful Practice in the Jacksonville and Orlando area provides post-bariatric surgery counseling in person at our Jacksonville and Winter Park, Florida offices. As well as through online therapy throughout Florida. Our bariatric therapists can help support and encourage your journey towards wellness. Start with these steps.

    1. Reach out for a free consultation with The Mindful Practice.
    2. Start meeting with a caring bariatric therapist.
    3. Get support and make long-lasting changes.

    Other Services We Offer at Them Mindful Practice in the Jacksonville and Orlando Area

    Our Orlando and Jacksonville therapists offer more than bariatric counseling. For individuals, we offer anxiety treatment, depression treatment, and trauma therapy. Additionally, to support you and your family we have counseling for teens, life transitions, and grief. We use techniques such as EMDR and mindfulness-based therapy. These services are offered in person at our Jacksonville and Winter Park, FL offices and online throughout Florida.

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