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  • 6 Signs You Could Be Experiencing a Quarter-Life Crisis

    What is a Quarter-Life Crisis?

    The mid-twenties to the early thirties are often described as the most transformative period in a person’s life. With it comes milestones like career planning, exploring relationships, living alone for the first time, and deciding on long-term and professional goals. For many, the pressure to reach these milestones can become paralyzing. Societal expectations can increase one’s anxiety about fitting the expectations of a “normal” 20-30-year old, and having it “all figured out”. 

    A quarter-life crisis can be defined as a unique period that brings uncertainty, questions about the direction your life is going, worry that you aren’t where you need to be, and feelings of being trapped. Sometimes, you can experience one without even realizing it. I have listed six signs that you could be experiencing a quarter-life crisis:

    1. You are feeling unfulfilled.

    You daydream about doing something different than what you are doing right now. You find yourself feeling miserable Monday-Friday, and only looking forward to the weekend. You compare yourself to the people around you, especially friends or colleagues.

    2. You are second-guessing your life choices

    You find yourself questioning past, present, and future decisions, wishing you could have done something differently. Maybe you spent years studying something that doesn’t align with a career you’d like to be a part of. Decisions start to feel impossible due to fear of uncertainty or failure. You struggle to decide between spontaneity and “settling down”, or between fun and “adulting”.

    3. You are overwhelmed by unanswered questions.

    “Is this the work that I want to do for the rest of my life?”

    “Everyone else has it all figured out. Am I where I need to be?”

    “What is my purpose on this planet?”

    “What if I never amount to anything?” 

    4. You might find yourself saying:

    “I’m afraid I’m too old to find success at anything new”

    “I feel I’m too young to be taken seriously by other adults” 

    “My parents already had it figured out at the age I am now”

    “I wish someone would just tell me what to do.”

    5. You notice changes in your mind and body:

    – Are you experiencing anxiety?

    – Do you feel depressed?

    – Are you having panic attacks?

    – Do you have a lack of motivation?

    – Are you having difficulty sleeping?

    – Are you isolating yourself from others? 

    – Do you find yourself engaging in risky behaviors?

     6. You are yearning for a change, but you’re unsure if you’re ready for it, or where to start.

    You are looking for a sense of purpose and direction. You want something different. You want changes. Maybe you feel like you are living a mundane life. But not sure how to start or even if you should change because society yearns for routine. And routine may not be for you anymore. 

    These are signs that you could be experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Don’t feel ashamed or upset about your feelings. Instead, validate them and learn how to cope with your thoughts and feelings. We would be happy to help you through this journey. If you are interested in seeking therapeutic services, contact us for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

    Stay tuned for part 2 of this series coming Monday called “Tips for Overcoming a Quarter-life Crisis from an Orlando Therapist.

    Are You Going through a Quarter Life Crisis?

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    by Silvana D’Antonio, LMSW, RCSWI