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  • Finding the Right EMDR Therapist in Orlando, FL

    Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a structured therapeutic method used to treat acute and chronic PTSD. While considered highly effective, it is not a quick fix. If you are considering EMDR therapy, it is essential that you find a skilled EMDR therapist to guide you through the process.

    6 Suggestions for Finding the Right EDMR Therapist for You.

    Search Directories For An EMDR Therapist.

    Image of a woman sitting curled up on the couch. Which shows the type of trauma symptoms an EMDR therapist in Orlando can help treat. With EMDR therapy in Orlando & Winter Park, Florida you can start to feel like yourself again.When looking for an EMDR therapist, a good place to start is the Internet. Search terms such as “respected EMDR therapists near me” will help you find counselors in your area. Websites such as Psychology Today and Therapy Den are excellent resources to help you locate a counseling practice that offers EMDR therapy near you. As is the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA), which is a professional association of practitioners and researchers that also contains a therapist directory. If you plan on using health insurance to cover the cost of counseling, your insurance company may be able to provide you with a directory of EMDR therapists covered under your plan.

    Ask About Their Training.

    It is important to find an EMDR therapist who has undergone EMDRIA-approved training and is qualified to utilize the method as part of their treatment plan. When researching therapists, inquire whether they have this training, as well as experience with EMDR. If a counselor has obtained EMDRIA certification, a credential higher than basic training, they have completed additional levels of continuing education and have guided clients through EMDR for a required number of hours. A qualified EMDR therapist may be EMDRIA certified or working towards their certification.

    Make Sure They Are A Good Fit.

    Image of an EMDR therapist in a pink shirt talking with a woman in the military. The represents how EMDR therapy in Orlando helps with PTSD treatment. If you have been looking for "emdr therapy near me" in Winter Park, FL then we can help!As with any type of counseling, it is essential, when considering EMDR therapy, that the client and therapist are well-matched. Most therapists provide a 15-minute, complimentary, introductory phone consultation so you can get to know one another. It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist in order to establish a trusting relationship and reach your goals together.


    A qualified EMDR therapist will be able to clearly explain the process, as well as the theory behind the practice. With the appropriate education and training, they have the knowledge to answer any questions that may arise and describe EMDR therapy in a way that leaves you feeling informed and optimistic, confident in their counsel.


    When looking for an EMDR therapist, it is important to consider your budget. While some therapists accept health insurance, some do not. Research whether the individual you would like to work with accepts your insurance or if you will be paying out of pocket. As mentioned above, your insurance company may be able to provide you with a directory of counselors covered under your plan.

    Does The EMDR Therapist Offer Online, In Person, or Both?

    Image of a woman laying on her stomach speaking with an EMDR therapist virtually. With online therapy finding "EMDR near me" in Winter Park, FL is a lot easier. Whether in Orlando or across the state you can start EMDR therapy from home.Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing can be practiced both in person and online. Some therapists may only see clients in person. Some practice solely through online therapy. Others offer a hybrid approach. You may have a preference as well. When considering EMDR therapy, it is important to determine how you will attend sessions and choose a therapist accordingly.

    Start Meeting With An EMDR Therapist in Orlando, FL

    When practiced in a safe, therapeutic environment, EMDR therapy is highly beneficial in treating unresolved trauma. If you are considering EMDR, we have trained therapists that can guide you along the way. In order to get started follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact us for a free consultation with an EMDR therapist
    2. Schedule your first appointment at The Mindful Practice
    3. Start the process of resolving your trauma and PTSD

    Other Therapy Services

    At our therapy practice based in Winter Park, FL our dedicated therapists are trained in a variety of different therapeutic techniques, such as EMDR and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. And they use them to support the mental health of both adults and teenagers.

    If you are dealing with social anxiety, general anxiety, or depression we can help you regain control of your life. Additionally, we can help with counseling for grief, life transitions, and post-bariatric surgery.


    This blog was written by Erin Pallard, an Orlando therapist who specializes in EMDR therapy.